Friday, February 8, 2013

About the Author

My name is Tyrel Clifford and I'm a smart, ambitious seventeen-year old student at a high school near Columbus, Ohio. 

I love music and listen to it everyday and every minute that I can. I am a song writer and lyricist so I've been recording songs. 

I know some people that are in the music biz; such as my good friend Shavon Gibson, a.k.a. LilShawn (check him out on Soundcloud @LilShawn). 

Also, one of my father's friends and his brother Sin and Bandana whom you can find @BREWCITYBANDANA on SoundCloud and on Youtube.

Just recently found out that my cousin is in the biz. So shout out to my big cousin Jay a.k.a. Cease Mulla (follow on soundcloud @CeaseMulla1).

Shout out to Br33zy, Yung Lucid, Haz Solo, Matt Hannan, John Bailey, Trey B, Kenncitty, and YoungG, all of these people are on Soundcloud, so go check them out. 

So I'm making this blog so I can inform people on the up's and down's, the new, and the old and what's next to come. Also, to get my name and face out there, you can find me @TC44 on SoundCloud also add me on Facebook @Trel RudeBoy Cliff on Twitter @Kill_Err on EyeEm @T_RudeBoy_C and also on Instagram @Trel_RudeBoy_Cliff

Music is my life. I am very diverse so I listen to everything and have a good ear for songs.