Tuesday, February 26, 2013

What do I Need to Start My Own Studio?

Starting a studio can be easy

You need to figure what genre you belong in
  1. Street rappers tend to rap about what goes on in the hood
  2. glam rappers are more what they got and what you don't
  3. the I don't care artist that might not be good but will still make music
  4. R&B type 
  5. Hip-Hop and R&B
  6. Classic R&B

What you will need

All of this can range from $150 to over $350 or less if you find deals or have friends.

  1. a stand: boom or regular
  2. studio headphones
  3. a pop filter 
  4. shock mount
  5. a sound proof room
  6. lyrics
  7. notepad
  8. someone that can help
 And you need computer with a program or software that you can record and edit on. Most people use desktops to record and mix but you can also use a laptop.
Organization is a must...you can't have a studio that's wrecked or messy, it just makes you look unprofessional and unorganized.

If you want quality sound without paying a lot go on Ebay or somewhere to find deals, or just ask around.

Good sites to go on to get instrumentals is datpiff.com and if your looking for equipment it's easy online @Ebay.com or Amazon.com


  1. A studio requires a lot of work, and a good education. It should start at a college that offers a decent program for music production. Good equipment is a plus too. Start with a Mac, and good luck!

  2. I have a Mac and all the programs that are available on windows aren't on Apples. Also, if you go to college for that, it's great but if you don't and you still sound good that's even better because a self made man is better than one that is forced to conform to the rules of school. Studios require a lot of work but if you learn what you are doing by example, that's even better.